11 Steps to Brand Heaven: Len Weinreich’s indispensible guide to buying the most effective advertising campaign
Sunday Times Business Book of the Week 15 April 2001

Sunday Times Business Book of the Week Review:

An insider’s guide to advertising heaven
Good advertising should be centred on a single thought, rooted in simplicity, uncomplicated and reduced to its essence. A good book about advertising should have the same qualities – and this one does. Since it is written by Len Weinreich, that comes as no surprise.

Weinreich made his name as a creative director during the 1970s in what was arguably a golden age for British advertising…and the stylish way in which he writes about the mumbo-jumbo that surrounds the creative process raises knowing smiles.

The book’s premise is that companies spend billions of pounds every year on advertising with little or no way of knowing if it is going to work. Traditional thinking has it that 50% of advertising spending is wasted, but that figure seems too generous.

A survey in Campaign magazine found that only 17% of media planners agreed with the statement “most advertising works”. Bill Bernbach, a legendary adman, claimed that 85% of all advertisements are never noticed”.

This is sobering stuff, but not too surprising given Weinreich’s view that too many agencies are more concerned with peer group plaudits than selling extra widgets for their clients – the poor schmuck who are paying for somebody else’s ego trip.

Brand managers and others whose careers can hang on the success or failure of an advertising campaign will seize this book as a valuable weapon in their battle to achieve parity with the creatives. Weinreich dissects and interprets the various stages of a typical advertising campaign and comes down hard on the pretension that often blocks the road to heaven.

But being an even-handed man he also reserves criticism for conservative, one-dimensional clients who refuse to part company with a brand’s history.

Typical is the exchange between the marketing director of one big firm and Weinreich as they view the rough cut of a commercial.

“Why isn’t steam curling above the drinks container? We have a rule stating categorically that all beverages give off steam at all times” growls the marketing man. “There is no steam because the beverage is orange flavoured and best served cold”, replies Weinreich. The marketing director shifts uncomfortably in his chair and makes a low growl like a retreating Rottweiler.

In case anyone asks, it is as well to know the 11 steps to brand heaven.
They are: revelation (“faith in a brand requires faith in a myth”); 
the cult (“brands are strong medicine and carry strong juju”); 
genesis (“the first lesson an author has to learn is that he cannot please everybody”); articles of faith (“miracles must appear credible”); 
readings from the prophets (“Weinreich pays homage to Bernbach and fellow advertising guru David Ogilvy); 
the God agency guide (“when everyone is zigging, you need to zag”); the chosen people (“the act of running an advertisement guarantees nothing except expense”); 
the day of judgement (“fashion is not an idea”); 
sacrifice (“you don’t judge ads the way you judge dogs”).
That’s only 10, but the 11th is not really a step at all, merely an opportunity for Weinreich to have a final cut at the post-presentation paranoia of his former colleagues. Enjoy.
							Frank Fitzgibbon

Amazon.com review
Even if you haven't read the sleeve notes, you can tell that Len Weinreich, author of 11 Steps To Brand Heaven, spent his life as a creative working in advertising. He writes in short sentences. Like this. And the book, which is beautiful to behold, is stunningly art directed ... and contains much that will be of value to those responsible for choosing advertising agencies, primarily marketing directors. It gives clear guidance on how to select the right agency, how to get the best work out of them and how to tell good advertising from bad. If you are a marketing director and all of this advice comes as complete news to you, then you are already in deep trouble and it will take a lot more than this book to dig you out of it. On the other hand, it often helps to be reminded of what you already know, especially if the reminder comes in a novel and insightful way that dramatises the subject and gives it new emotional impact. With great wit, Weinreich uses a religious metaphor throughout, so Step 1 is "Revelation", Step 2, "The Cult", Step 8, "The Chosen People" and so on. Not least of the book's charms lies in seeing how far the metaphor can be extended before it becomes forced and meaningless. This is not so much a bible for those buying advertising; it is something a little more everyday and practical. More a book of common prayer.
Alex Benady

Never be at a loss for an opinion again. 11 Steps to Brand Heaven fills in what business schools leave out: the right way to choose an advertising campaign that suits you perfectly and makes you famous. Do your career a favour and read this thoroughly entertaining book. Inspect it and order it now from http://www.amazon.co.uk/Steps-Brand-Heaven-Successful-Advertising/dp/0749435488/ref=sr_11_1/202-1201496-9345424?ie=UTF8

Press praise:
‘Wise and wonderful’
Campaign magazine’s Jeremy Bulmore
‘Funny and wise’
Marketing magazine’s  Simon Marquis
‘A most authoritative guide, essential for ambitious brand managers’
Marketing Business
‘stylish writing about the mumbo-jumbo surrounding the creative process’
Sunday Times