clients I’ve worked for
Supplying big ideas across all media to distinguished corporations, I’ve stockpiled valuable experience while helping my clients to project their brands.
Big ideas have also helped small clients, particularly charities, to survive and thrive in highly competitive situations.
Why not check and see if there’s anything relevant to your current project. And, if you require any explanations about my past work, click here to e-mail now.
alcoholic drink & tobacco
Punt e Mes, Fernet Branca, Mateus Rose, Aveleda, Bolla Wines, Sandemans Port, Salignac Cognac, VAT 69 & The Antiquary Scotch whiskies, Vladivar vodka, Smirnoff vodka, Finlandia vodka, Malibu, Baileys Irish Cream, Piat d’Or, Piat de Beaujolais, Disaronno Amoretto, Archers Peach County Schnapps, Double Diamond, Allied Breweries, Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Churchman’s Cigars
Vauxhall, Saab, Mazda, Honda, Goodyear, Shell, Moss Security, Audioline in-car entertainment
Oxfam, Care International, Community Service Volunteers, The Good Gift Catalogue, The Prostate Cancer Research Foundation, One to One Children’s Fund, The Children’s Society, IRescue, Standard Chartered Bank Fund, London Jewish Cultural Centre, Pilotlight, Ruth Hayman Trust, Anti-Apartheid, British Association of Healthcare Services for Students in Higher Education, Kenwood Dairy Trust
Rowntree, Bubble Yum and Omega chewing gum for Lifesavers Inc.
b to b, corporate & international
Sotheby’s, Kimberley-Clark, NEC, P&O Containers, Texas Instruments, Englehardt Industries, Philips, Wellcome Foundation, ICI Agricultural, Panasonic, Saab, Mazda, Piano Publicity Council, Alto ad agency network, JCA Building Services, launch of Wave City (India)
cosmetics & fragrances
Mary Quant cosmetics, Givenchy, Elida Gibbs’ Stowaway, Cacharel’s Anais Anais, Gillette male fragrances
design and marketing
London: Carnegie-Orr, Identica, Larkin & May, The Fourth Room, Rose, Seriously, Wolff Olins, Lowe International, Vernon Stratton, The Ingram Company, Brand Development Company, Tarrystone Consultancy, Acanchi Country Brand Capital Development
New York: Marschalk
Paris: Troost
Tokyo: Dentsu
Dusseldorf: Ernst & Partners
Milan: Alberto Cremona
Amsterdam: Benjamins Van Doorn
electronics & cameras
Pentax, Mamiya, Akai, Telefunken, Philips TV, VCRs & audio; Panasonic TV, VCRs, video cameras & audio, Rotel audio, Audioline telephones, NEC Nefax & mobile phones, Burroughs computers, Sony Ericsson
fashion & retail
UK: Russell & Bromley, Debenham & Freebody, Harrods, Way In, Habitat, Littlewoods Stores, Nightingales mail order, Alexon, Wrangler jeans, Charnos hosiery, Tuf Shoes
South Africa: Lewis Stores
Catalyst Investments, American Express, Norwich Union
food & drink
New Zealand Lamb, Hellman’s Mayonnaise, Sharwoods, Paxo, RHM Foods, Food From France, Spray & Fry, Nescafe, Branston Pickle, Crosse & Blackwell, Potato Marketing Board, Rowntrees, Cadburys, Tab. Lilt, Fresca & Fanta for Coca-Cola Corp, Crantock Bakery, Rowses Honey
hair, skin & personal care
L’Oreal’s Elnett, Elseve, Recital, Mary Quant, Vichy, Kanebo, Philishave, Wilkinson Sword razors, Lilets Sanpro, Kimberley-Clark
home appliances
AEG, Hotpoint, Philips, Sunbeam, Russell Hobbs, Candy
Calpol, Sudafed
public services
UK Central Office of Information Road Safety: Drink & Drive, Seatbelts, Motorcycle safety
Panther Books, Folio Society, Marshall Cavendish’s Post-War World, Over 21 magazine
trade suppliers
Hagemeyer, Newey & Eyre, Parker, ArcherXpress
travel & leisure
Holiday Extras, BCP airport car parking, Airparks, British Airways, ANA airlines, Venice-Simplon Orient Express trains, holidays; hotels & safaris, Ontario Tourist Board, Israel Tourist Board; Costa Smeralda tourism; Carlton Hotel, Cannes; Amstel, American & Victoria Hotels, Amsterdam; May Fair, Carlton Tower, Berkeley Hotel, Simpsons-in-the-Strand & Savoy Hotel Group, London; Dubai Tourism
watches & gifts
Sekonda, Rotary, Citizen, Seiko, Sheaffer pens
items I’ve written
annual reports,
billboards (of every size and type),
matchbook covers,
brochures (of every size, length and type),
cartoon strips,
CD sleeve notes,
charity appeals,
classified ads,
concepts for new product development,
conference themes,
consumer advertisements (of every size and type),
cinema commercials,
direct mail,
jazz history,
magazine articles,
magazine columns,
newspaper articles,
photo captions,
posters (of every size and type),
press releases,
promotional videos,
radio commercials,
record reviews,
recruitment ads,
reviews of advertising,
sales’ presentations,
speeches (for first or third-person delivery)
trade advertisements (of every size and type),
trade magazine columns,
TV commercials (of every length and type),
travel guides,
wine bottle labels.